Our Connected Family

Keeping in Touch the Easy Way

Keeping in Touch. Simply.

This is designed to be the easiest way to share the past, present, and future of our family, with updates, photos, and 'keep it real', wherever we are in the world.

Simply, we have SPACES  (for shared interest) and PEOPLE (we can connect with). Remember that this is a CLOSED, safe community, only available for family members, so NO PUBLIC view is allowed.



The screen has four main areas that easily take you to groups of features, which are:

  • Notifications (of updates, messages, and light/dark mode
  • Profile (identity, contact, and preference options)
  • Main Menu (major features & functions)
  • Sidebar (left or right list of features within a Space or Profile)



When you have a subject or shared interest, just choose it (or make a new one) and use the built-in features to create discussion threads, post photos, whatever the owner has set up for that interest.

  • a place for a common interest (within this closed community)
  • features/functions that make that easier, better, and more fun to share
  • control over who can see, enter, and use the space



When you want to connect with a person, just find them and choose how to connect (message, email, voice or video, etc).

  • find the person, family group, or interested family that you want
  • have easy ways to contact them, share, or connect with in a secure, isolated service
  • by default, all contact is here (unless they opt to use an external service like email, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Zoom)



There are a range of features that each space or person can choose to enable, but each feature works the same anywhere. 

  • photo galleries
  • messaging
  • info and blogs
  • links and other stuff




Your Profile contains three kinds of useful things:

  1. identity and contact information
  2. you preferences on how this site should work
  3. the features (modules) you want enabled for sharing.

Note that this site automatically adjusts to fit on any device, from the smallest phone to large desktop (or even a TV).
   If it hides an element to fit on your phone in portrait mode, try turning it to landscape orientation, which should then display the missing items (like the notifications,messages, and dark mode)