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This should make it easier to [get started](https://family.terryhoffman.org/s/welcome-space/custom_pages/view?id=4 "get started") doing the things that will keep our family in-touch, sharing, and updated. You can update your [profile](https://family.terryhoffman.org/s/welcome-space/custom_pages/view?id=2 "profile") preferences by click on the upper right (pull-down menu) Different [SPACES](https://family.terryhoffman.org/s/welcome-space/custom_pages/view?id= "SPACES") (each with a clear focus) are in the first icon on the left of main menu bar.\ Following that are additional specific features like Overall Dashboard, contacts, shared calendar, private video meetings, and task lists. There are additional vertical menus in each area, as only the features needed for each space, profile, or page are there to reduce complexity but maintain function. If you want more info or features, just [let Terry know](https://family.terryhoffman.org/index.php?r=user%2Fprofile&cguid=4492459e-7d6f-4b59-b25a-c02e3877087b# "let Terry know") (message from middle icon at top)!


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