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This site has [FEATURES](https://www.family.terryhoffman.org/s/welcome-space/custom_pages/view?id=1 "FEATURES") that are used in [SPACES](https:///family.TerryHoffman.org/s/welcome-space/custom_pages/view?id=3 "SPACES") and in personal [PROFILES](https:///family.TerryHoffman.org/s/welcome-space/custom_pages/view?id=2 "PROFILES"). In this way, everything works the same, so you just choose what SPACE to be in (or who to be in touch with) ![](file-guid:f4cc7c7b-446f-4f35-b46e-b0c485399c3a "family_welcome_l.png") The ‘Message’ icon (on top) alerts your to messages, as well as lets you send them (securely, within this system) ![](file-guid:6a23b154-2f0c-4381-b8f2-3d43e4a9511f "family_message_l.png") Updating your Profile and Preferences is easy! Just click on your picture (top right) and select Profile or Settings (and follow the menu) Updating these will ensure you are easy to contact, as well as get the most use (and least risk) from this private service) ![](file-guid:8bd28862-25f2-472c-9821-79804d78027e "family_profile_dropdown.png") Each space has all the Features (and controls) the owner wants to use for this single, shared purpose. ![](file-guid:6e65b7b5-b779-4068-9e9b-60d1ab2271a6 "family_space_about.png") Of course, the People are the big draw here, so the Directory makes it easy to fine, contact, and share with specific people, interests, or other key info. ![](file-guid:14e8fbe5-af1d-436b-91ad-4b3902cdf6af "family_people_l.png") We also have included a secure, private Video chat feature that is easier and safer than Zoom! ![](file-guid:e438e393-dcc0-4432-9678-e1e9c57233dd "family_video.png") [Get started now](https://family.terryhoffman.org/people "Get started now")!