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## Here’s how to find and connect with others in our family ### DIRECTORY In the directory, you can scroll and select or search (using the filters) to find a segment of the family, a common interest, or other criterion of their profile. ![](file-guid:418efbf2-aab3-4870-843b-a1beb22a3b63 "IMG_8408.jpeg")Scrolling down, you can see the (shared info (purple) and searchable tags (yellow). Click on a keyword tag, and you will see all others with the same keyword (tag) ![](file-guid:e2d87175-0af3-486b-a699-4ec27695b74f "IMG_8404.jpeg") ![family_people_l.png](file-guid:9cf26946-ecbb-41c9-904d-16a9057f1d9a "family_people_l.png") You can also use the Search to find a name, keyword tag, or other information in a profile. This kind of built-in feature is part of why it is important to update your orn profile. ### PROFILE Once IN a profile, you can see what they set and share about themselves. ![](file-guid:a8fa5c3c-75cd-4227-bfb3-3c4cdf89e5d3 "IMG_8410.jpeg") ![family_spaces_l.png](file-guid:7232e4e1-ddb5-418c-b80e-fc263a879cd0 "family_spaces_l.png") These are some easy and useful things to update. ![](file-guid:677e03e4-c2e4-40af-90d5-0419e66d8360 "IMG_8409.jpeg") As with Spaces, your profile can have features (nodules) like links, phot albums, polls…whatever you want!